Shopping Tips To Remember In Japan

Shopping and bargain hunting are basically the same all over the world, right? Not necessarily, especially if you’re just visiting Japan. If you can use park n shop coupon for big discount when shopping online, you can also get discounts when you shop at a local market. Here are shopping tips to remember so you may have a hassle-free shopping experience in the land of the rising sun.

Japanese Size Classification May Differ

For tourists who are visiting Japan for some shopping, one important thing to remember is that the Japanese size classification may differ from your country’s size naming system. As such, don’t be alarmed if a medium sized dress that you are dying to wear tend to suffocate you on fitting; Japanese sizes may just be smaller than your size. You can search information on the "internet en digitale tv" or internet and digital tv about Japanese size classification so that you have hard time shopping for your clothes.

Thus, it is best to fit all clothes before buying them. If you’re shopping for someone else or if you shop online in order to avail special discounts by using voucher codes and promo codes, you might need to convert sizes to inches first before taking the plunge. Remember,  returning tax-free purchases could be a bit of a hassle. One advantage of shopping on websites is that you can easily find best deals online and you can compare prices of the same products.

Negotiating The Price

In most Asian countries, negotiating the price is the norm; there are cases where you can actually haggle as much as 30 percent off if you’re persistent enough. In Japan, however, such tactic might be pointless or at least, not as effective. The prices you see in the tag are usually the final offer but still might have a chance of exercising your haggling prowess in smaller electronic stores or flea markets. It is not easy as getting an "expedia kortingscode pakket" or expedia discount code package. You have to learn techniques on how to get discounts.

Be An Early Bird

You’ll have a better chance of getting the item you need if you go the store earlier than their official opening time. The reason? It is because Japanese shoppers keen on getting a good deal are already lining up way before the store opens. If you are late, the item you want may already be in other shopper’s hands.