Japan has always been a multifaceted and enigmatic country. Its allure has always beckoned foreigners to brave harsh seas just to visit its isles. In fact, Japan can mean different things to different people.

In the past, the country is known for its samurais. They remain the perfect symbol of the Japanese spirit – brave, enduring and unconquerable. While the fearsome Mongol army was virtually unchallenged in continental Asia, even they failed to conquer the resilient samurai warriors.

This image of the perfect warrior is an incomplete picture of what Japan and its people are. Despite being known as the fierceness of its battles, Japan is also a place of undeniable beauty. Its warm springs invite everyone to take a dip in them, its cherry blossoms have inspired countless poets and, last but not least, its holiest of mountains, Mt Fuji still enchants those gaze upon its perfect cone peak to this day.

Fortunately, all these beauties remain preserved to this day waiting for the adventurous traveler to discover. You can still see the grandeur of Mt Fuji, soak in its invigoratingly refreshing hot springs or take home with you a piece of art crafted by the finest of its artisans.

Japan has evolved with the times as well. In fact, the country can be considered the perfect harmony of past and future, where tradition can peacefully coexist with cutting-edge technology. Unsurprisingly then, Japan is also now the preferred destination of a modern-day passion – shopping.

Yes, Japan is undeniably a shopping haven on the worldwide stage. You can get the best deals for the latest gadget and electronics as the country is home to some of the largest players in the electronics industry. It is also home for some of the most world-renown luxury brands in the world, a perfect destination for shoppers who have a taste for the finer things in life.

For the gastronomically inclined, the Japanese cuisine has evolved to modern times as well. Yes, you can still sample its traditional delicacies, but its highly creative chefs have adapted many of its dishes to suit the modern palate. Whether you go traditional or fusion, the Japanese cuisine is one culinary experience you will always treasure.

Visit Japan. It’s an entire culture waiting to be experienced. Contact us, and we will let you experience Japan like no one else can.