The Best Time To Shop In Japan

Unless you have bottomless pockets, shopping in Japan might not be included on your to-do list. This is especially true with Tokyo as it is particularly known for its sky-high prices.

But that does not mean that one can’t get bargains in Japan. In the land of the rising sun, timing can mean everything especially when it comes to shopping. Wise shoppers can still bag big discounts if they know when to strike. Just like when you wait for a holiday discount offer to get an expedia coupon code vacation tour package. You need to be updated when would they offer discounts.

Take Advantage Of Seasonal Sales

The best way to get shopping deals is to make your move during Japan’s seasonal winter and summer sales. The best part is that you don’t have to go to bigger cities like Tokyo to enjoy these sales since these events are the trend in virtually all of Japan’s cities. You might be able to get an "expedia kortingscode december to get freebies" or expedia discount code december to get freebies.

You might have to endure some queuing though. Depending on the location of the shop you are targeting, the lines could be a bit long especially during its first day as people scramble to get the items they want which might be offered only in limited quantities. If you don’t want to queue, try to go shopping towards the end of the sale season. However, you will run the risk of not finding anything you like because they have long been sold out or the remaining clothes might not have the right size for you. If you don't want to waste your time roaming around local stores, you can inquire information from stores through "internet en telefoon" or internet and telephone.


Golden Week And Halloween

Aside from the hugely popular summer and winter sales, you can also opt time your shopping spree during the Golden Week and Halloween sales. While not as large as their summer and winter counterparts, you can still find huge discount during the Golden Week sale, which happens in May, or during Halloween sale, which occurs in October. Forget about the combi ticket for madame tussaud and amsterdam dungeon when October comes. You can avail lots of discounts in Japan during the Halloween sale.

Of course, if you find going to the stores themselves too much of a hassle, you can also opt to shop online using discounts. Some Japanese online retailers also offer sales that coincide with the major sales event. If you’ve accumulated enough coupon codes on products or online shops voucher codes for these retailers, then you can enjoy big discounts as well without having to line up in front of their stores.