Where To Get Dirt-Cheap Clothing Bargains In Tokyo

Not everyone may agree with the idiom “Clothes does not make the man” but, if they are honest enough, the majority will probably agree that it feels pretty nice especially if you got them at the big discount. However, those currently living in Tokyo might start to feel that it’s impossible to get some decent clothes at reasonable prices unless they shop online using discounts.

Shopping for cheap, quality clothes is possible even in Japan’s biggest city. Here are the top three destinations to increase your bargain hunting success.


There are two shops to watch out for in your visit in Shibuya. One of these is Bingo, a shop that can be considered a haven for manga and anime lovers. They sell tons of used CDs book, manga as well as video games. For those into fashion and have the patience to peruse the goods, they also carry a huge stock of secondhand clothes of well-known domestic and foreign brands.

The other shop you need to visit in your bargain hunting adventure for clothes is the interestingly named shop Don Don Down on Wednesday. There is actually a good reason for the choice of name since prices of their used clothing may drop all the way down to 100 yen on Wednesdays.


Harajuku has always been synonymous with high fashion with its cosplay shops and upmarket boutiques. A good fashion sense, however, does not require you to unload tons of cash (in case you have one) because bargains can still be found in the area.

You’ll be surprised, but shops on Takeshita Street usually have a section displaying items on sale. One particular chain is the 390 Mart, which gets its name from the fact that its items are all priced 360 yen. If you prefer, you can also shop online via their site named Rakuten where everything is also priced 360 yen.

If you’re a girl and into cosplay, you can visit Bodyline and try out their wares. Tights can go as low as 200 yen, and even boots may reach a low price of 500 yen during clearance sales. Another shop called Kinji is a bargain haven for the young alternative crowd. You can cardigans, miniskirts, and T-shirts selling for a low price of 400 yen.

As you might have noticed, most shops mentioned sell used clothes for a low price. However, it must be noted that secondhand clothes in Japan are usually high quality and if you are patient enough, you’ll eventually find an item that is as good as new.